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I've worked at this amazing school for over 4 years and I'm being honest when I say I've loved every minute of it! I was very excited to have my daughter join me here for her elementary years; that was 2 1/2 years ago and I have no regrets. She is now in the second grade and she is a well-rounded 7 year old who knows a little about everything!  The teachers pride themselves in tailoring lessons to cater to the students' individual needs. She has been challenged to reach her true potential both academically and artistically and I have watched her rise to the challenge. I am truly impressed with all that she is being offered and I am not just saying that because I work here. As parents we all want the best for our children, and I am satisfied with the education and exposure that she is receiving here at TCS. She has been taught how to play the violin, interpret art and is taking ballet classes... all for FREE!  This a dream come true... Now that our school has grown to accommodate K-8 makes me a very happy camper! I know that she is in a stable and nurturing environment that caters to her holistically. I am proud to be a member of staff here at TCS and I am pleased that my daughter is at the best place to learn under the sun!

Music Mom | 3rd Grade Violinist
Music Mom | 2nd Grade Violinist 

The facility at The Conservatory School is second to none.  The music rooms are state of the art, and the fine arts resources give our students the opportunity to develop skills not taught in other public schools.  But it is the STAFF that makes the Conservatory School such a special learning experience.  You are always greeted warmly.  They are interested in meeting the needs of the WHOLE  child.  Every staff member is dedicated to the mission of The Conservatory School and it shows.  There is no dream too big for them.  I cannot imagine a finer place to send my child.



Music Mom | 5th Grade Violinist

I feel fortunate to work at The Conservatory School, where my daughter can be a part of it. She has been here since Kindergarten and has received an excellent education not to mention has been playing violin since the first grade. We love coming to our new school every day.



Music Mom | 3rd Grade Cellist + 5th Grade Violinist
Music Mom | 1st Grade Violinist + 3rd Grade Trumpeter

Our children were attending a local charter school when we made the decision to change to our neighborhood public school, The Conservatory School @ North Palm Beach.  We were nervous about our decision and how our kids would handle the change - new school, new teachers, and new friends.  It turned out to be the best decision we could have made!  Since the first day of school our kids tell us how much happier they are at TCS.  They LOVE being in the COPA program where our son plays the trumpet and our daughter plays the violin.  We are blown away with the level of instruction in the music program and in the core curriculum subjects.  TCS teachers implement small learning groups in the classroom where the kids work with their peers and do hands-on learning and problem solving (very much like the Montessori approach to education).  The new school is absolutely beautiful and is equipped with the latest teaching technology.  Without a doubt, our children are getting a richer, more well-rounded education at TCS than they would at even the best local private schools.




My children have attended this school since kindergarten when it was NPBE. We have been lucky enough to be a part of the amazing transformations that this school has gone through and I'm sure will continue to go through. From the introduction of our wonderful music program about 5 years ago to the addition of our beautiful new K-8 model school. We have witnessed and been a part of all the exciting things that TCS offers. We love this school and all of the amazing teachers, staff, principal, and assistant principal that make this school the best place to learn under the sun! It is hard to even find the words to express how happy we are here! We consider the entire staff (teachers, office staff, cafeteria staff, custodial staff, Ms. Stoupas and Ms. Long) part of our family. All of the teachers genuinely love and care for my children as if they were their own and my girls have thrived academically and musically because of the amazing teachers here. My family honestly feels like the school is part of our own family and we are so lucky to be at TCS! We are looking forward to spending our middle school years here at TCS- our home away from home!

Music Mom | 1st Grade Violinist, 4th Grade Trumpter +                            6th Grade Violinist

TCS is a family!  Since transferring here a year ago, all 3 of my children have thrived and grown in self-confidence. Teachers, administrators, and staff throughout the school know them by name, encourage them and treat them with care. It's a true community and family!





We are a new family to TCS and so happy we made the decision to send our boys to our "home school".  Our children are thriving in the learning environment (they are actually enjoying school!) and they have had their minds opened to the musical arts.  As a parent, I am finding a strong sense of community in the school, and have found the leaders of the school and teachers to be responsive and concerned for the well-being of all the children.  The school is very supportive of parents getting involved, from volunteering, to attending their music classes, to visiting them at lunchtime.  This provides a great opportunity to really get to know the school, their peers and to open our own minds to the magic of music.  We are excited to see our boys grow and learn, and so happy to know that they'll be able to stay at TCS through Middle School. 








Music Mom | Kindergarten + 2nd Grade Violinists
Music Mom | 4th Grade Bassist

My son has improved academically and I have noticed he is more patient with learning.  Music also has a calming effect on him.  I feel his self-confidence has improved and he is definitely more outgoing, as we have learned with his singing and dance moves!  A strong sense of accomplishment can go a long way!  I look forward to what the future will bring with such influential music teachers like Mr. Fernandez and Ms. Rawls.  We feel lucky to be a part of this Choice Program!



Music Mom | 1st Grade Violinist 

The Conservatory School @ North Palm Beach has been such a blessing to my family. The amazing teachers have inspired my daughter to explore her talents in music and dance in addition to enhancing her education through arts integration. Every morning is filled with excitement and appreciation as we drive through carline and greet smiling faces.




Music Mom | 2nd Grade Violinist

We love TCS because, originality is encouraged, imagination is set free, and learning is exciting! 

As a mom, I love TCS because my daughter has loved coming to school everyday since the first day. I have watched her become even more creative than she was before becoming a TCS student. She is excited to learn about the world around her. As a teacher here, I love TCS because teaching is exciting when you are able to teach about the world in a creative and engaging way.

Music Mom | 2nd  + 5th Grade Violinists

We have been at North Palm Beach Elementary, now The Conservatory School, for 12 years.  We currently have a fifth grader and a second grader attending. They love TCS!  The academics, music, P.E., art, and the ENTIRE staff at TCS are above anything we could ask for.  TCS rocks!!!



Music Mom | 2nd Grade Violinist+ 3rd Grade Bassist

I love The Conservatory School @ NPB!  My children get to learn and master their string instruments.  I love that it's K-8th grade! This is my third of twelve years to come as a Conservatory School mom.






Music Mom | 1st Grade Violinist + 4th Grade Bassist

As a parent of two students at The Conservatory School @ North Palm Beach, the one thing that stands out the most to me is the passion--the passion of Mrs. Stoupas as a principal and the passion of all the teachers and staff.  Each and every one of them are what make the school great.  You can see how much they love what they do and how much they care about our children.  This makes all the difference in the world to our children's educations.  I also love the fact that my children are being introduced to the arts at such a young age.  This school truly is phenomenal and I'm so grateful my children attend TCS @ NPB.



Music Mom | 1st Grade Violinist + 3rd Grade Flutist

We hesitated to take our kids out of a school that they loved.  Since we have been at The Conservatory School @ NPB, we have been thrilled.  The staff goes beyond any expectations that we had.  Smiling faces greet us in the hall and any staff member is more than willing to answer any concerns or questions.  The variety in the curriculum has assisted our kids never to say “I’m bored” in school.  I LOVE The Conservatory School @NPB and would recommend it to anyone!



Music Mom | 4th Grade Trumpeter

We love TCS!!  The moment we arrived on campus this year everyone was friendly, welcoming and inviting.  From the staff to the children and even the parents we have meet.  The music program has been a new thing for us this year and she is enjoying it very much.  The theater class has been very rewarding and interesting along with the dance class, the regular class room work and the art class.  Jessica loves going to school every day and looks forward to learning all she can.  Thank you TCS for making a school that children LOVE!!



Music Mom | 5th Grade Oboist

Once upon a time there was a bright little girl that was trying her hardest at succeeding in a rigorous school program.  It had become a never ending battle to get her up for school, to even complete hours of homework in the evenings and to get her to be on grade level expectations.  Every day we would leave her at the assigned bus stop and the bus would take her to her school.  Leaving her there, as the only student being picked up, was heartbreaking for us.  We always prayed and hoped for the best but knew that at the school she was at most of her motivation was depleted by the excess use of worksheets, workbooks and the traditional classroom instruction. Little did we know that at the bus loop, two very special ladies from The Conservatory School were pouring motivation into our daughter, Ms. Stoupas and Mrs. Brink. 


They took the time to care for a student that belonged to a different school, they took the time to touch a child’s heart. Our daughter started to come home very interested in attending TCS and possibly playing an instrument. We thought that was impossible but those pep talks made her little eyes shine again, she felt loved and important to someone. How can we resist at seeing those little eyes eager to learn? How could we not give her a chance at succeeding, especially when we thought hope was lost? There was not much to think about! Understanding that I am a teacher for the PBSD and that our daughter’s education is a priority in our home, we made a decision to transfer our daughter into the COPA Music Choice Program. Greeted by amazing staff and visiting the school’s music classes helped us make the decision that TCS was going to be the right place for her but these two ladies had won our hearts with their actions.  Within four months of being at TCS our daughter built an amazing relationship with her winds instrument teacher, Mrs. Rawls.  She learned to play the clarinet, her self esteem was boasting, her assessment scores were beyond grade level expectations and her love for school was BACK!  What more can a parent ask for?


This is our second year at TCS and our daughter is playing the Oboe, her little brother started VPK and mommy got a transfer to teach at the most amazing place under the sun.  We no longer struggle in the mornings to get to school, my kids actually countdown to get back to school from vacations or holidays.  When we pull up to the car loop my children know they are important, they know they are taken care of and that is all a parent needs to know you made the right choice.  TCS has become our second home and its where we will be till 8th grade happily ever after.


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