Gifted Education

Full-Time Model

Kindergarten through 5th Grades 

  • Departmentalized Gifted/Accelerated cluster classes on all grade levels, led by a gifted  certified teacher. 

  • Technology and innovation Integration through computer science, Skype, project-based  learning, and more!   

Inquiry-Based Learning

Inquiry based learning is a transformative approach, through which students pose questions and do 

research to guide their understanding of content. We help gifted students find authentic sparks in their 

learning to engage in this process. Through IBL, students take ownership of their learning and develop 

products to share their understandings with their school community.


Students use cutting edge technology in their work of learning and creating. They create products that demonstrate their understanding of content. Students also have the opportunity to connect globally 

with other students to collaborate on large-scale projects. Additionally, they have the opportunity to use microcontrollers, 3D printers, and other electronics to create prototypes of their design thinking 


COPA Music Program

Gifted students participate in one of the most exciting programs in Palm Beach County--our COPA 

Instrumental Music Program! Students will receive up to 6 hours of orchestral music instruction per week. 

Research shows that playing an instrument can improve problem solving skills and improve overall 

academic performance. Come join us—there’s a spot for you in the orchestra!  

For more information, contact:

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