Second Grade



TCS is a Reader's Workshop school. We provide our students with print-rich, conversation-rich, inviting classrooms. We teaching specific reading strategies that students then apply through reading authentic children's literature. Teachers further support this instruction through individual conferencing to target student needs--helping each student grow as a reader.

Second Grade

Second grade is the grade of great understanding. This year your child will dive deep into the world of analyzing and making sense of everything. There are many questions to be answered. Why is this character behaving in an unexpected way? How can you know the value of a number? How does America have so many different cultures and languages? A second grader’s brain is ready to start making meaningful connections. These connections will help them clarify false understandings, create new ones, and realize what they want or need to learn.


At TCS, we have strong beliefs about fostering a love and desire to learn. While keeping our grade level standards in mind, we listen to and observe our students to learn what excites them as learners. The fun then begins, as we embark on a path of learning that they chose and is molded into a rich learning experience by the teacher.


Overall, we use a workshop model of instruction in all areas of instruction. Through this model, we teach students concepts then give them time to practice what was taught, with the teacher coaching them for support. The beauty of workshop is that is fundamentally allows students to work at their individual level. Students choose what they want to read and write about, as well as how they want to represent their learning. We assess often and in a variety of ways to understand what we, as teachers, need to do next to grow each learner. In all that we do, we truly get to know each student’s abilities and needs, while allowing and celebrating student choice in learning.

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