The Listening Project

Each classroom studies 30 songs in the canon of 3 genres over the course of the year.


Through active listening, TCS students will gain an appreciation for and knowledge of music across genres and time. Each trimester will introduce a new genre of music. Within these genres, students will listen for vocal and instrumental parts, relate musical terms, and understand the historical connection of diverse musical selections.


Genres for 2015-2016

1st Trimester: Motown

2nd Trimester: World Music

3rd Trimester: Swing, Scat, and Jive


Implementation Ideas
  • Literacy Activities: Use as a shared reading text. Discuss the message the artist was trying to convey.

  • Social Studies/History Activities: Note the time period of the song. What was happening in history at that time? Does it reflect cultural or political events?

  • Math Activities: Fine patterns. Listen for the beat and rhythm in the music.

  • And more!

TCS Music Timeline: 2014-2015

Connecting to

Music of the Past

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