Third Grade

Third Grade

At TCS, we empower our learners through engaging activities that deepen their thinking. In third grade, we build on the foundational skills acquired and use them to develop higher level thinking. Throughout the year, students will be challenged in various ways. By providing varied activities, students will not only be working at their level, but beyond it.


In reading, we use the Reader’s Workshop model which encompasses a mini-lesson, independent work, and sharing. This also enables student choice and an opportunity to work at their own level. The ability to read books of their choice and level, fosters a love for reading. Each unit focuses on specific skills that should be applied to their independent books. Deepening thinking is a core component of our learning, as well as infusing the arts into our lessons. Students read various genres and learn how to apply reading strategies throughout each one. Third grade also builds on foundational writing skills. The Writer’s Workshop model allows students to write on topics of their choice. Stamina and elaboration are key areas that will be emphasized throughout the year. Studying words through a variety of interactive methods allows them to see the connections within words and ultimately build their vocabulary. Fostering a love for writing, and writing daily, will help them build on their skills and creative processes.


In Math, we use cooperative learning groups and hands-on learning to deepen their thinking and apply skills learned. Arts Integration is infused throughout the curriculum to enable them to think and apply skills in creative ways. A mini-lesson is taught and students apply the concept by using manipulatives, exploration, and projects. Third graders become ‘Math Detectives’, by learning how to break a part word problems in order to solve them. Real world projects and technology are used throughout the year to extend their thinking and understanding. In science, we focus on inquiry-based learning and exploration. Students choose topics of interest to research, ultimately becoming experts about these concepts.  They then craft products to teach each other what they have learned. Experiments are also incorporated into the learning to offer rich, experiential opportunities in science.


Third grade is a place of exploration and discovery where students learn concepts in engaging ways. It truly is a place of play, passion, and purpose.

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