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Conservatory School at North Palm Beach


The Conservatory School is a dynamic PK-8th grade school. We are the first K-8 traditional public school in Palm Beach County, located in North Palm Beach, Florida. We serve a diverse population of students and consider equity a hallmark of our work.
Attending The Conservatory School is a life-changing experience.
We encourage students to play and explore, to develop a passion for learning, in order to find their purpose in school and in life.
It is a place where curiosity thrives; where students are encouraged to explore their passions to connect with each other and change their community. As TCS students connect with each other, they are opened up to diversity: diverse opinions and points of view,  diverse cultures and races, diverse life experiences, and diverse opportunities to positively impact the world around them.
Scroll down to learn more about the inspiration for The Conservatory School and our mission for all who join our learning community.



We inspire our school community through continuous inquiry, empowering all who join us with the skills, courage, optimism, and integrity to pursue their dreams. We seek to empower a diverse range of scholars, artists, and leaders through a unique and rigorous academic and music education. This is a place where the arts are valued and pursued, where children learn to draw, dance, and create music; where ideas are sought and explored. We gather here for the purpose of expanding our young people’s notions of justice, broadening their visions of the possible, and creating a culture and habit of perseverance.

Ours is a place of play, passion, and purpose.

TCS Mission
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