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TCS Grade Level Logos (12).png



TCS Grade Level Logos (12).png

Alexandra Konger

Amy McIntyre

Angie Bonito

Autumn Handin

Brina Lombardo

Carrie Zito

Christine Joseph

Crystal Overley

DeAlexis Martin

Eve Cochran

Jessica Cruz

Kamara Bernard

Katherine Wike

Katie Molzer

Kimberley Sandel

Kristen Page

Kristin DeLaTorre

Louise Waterfield

Margo Byrd

Marianna Frankwitt

Marie Hamilton

Mary Emily Jacobs

Michael Taylor

Michelle Guenther

Mikayla Rickard

Molly Probel

Natricia Finegan

Nicole Fuller

Nicole Rickard

Penelope Frangiskakis

Rebecca Galatowitsch

Sarah Henning 

Shameka Shelton

Sheryl Spiggle

Susan Africa

Syndie White

Tamara Smith

Taylor Turizo

Victoria Heil



Derek Schuemann

Derek Schuemann is a graduate of the University of Florida with a BSBA in Business Management and an MS in Educational Leadership.

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Annick Charlot
Assistant Principal

Annick Charlot has served as an educator in Palm Beach County for the last 14 years. She is a product of Palm Beach County Schools, graduating from Suncoast High.

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Christopher Cartagena
Assistant Principal

For the last ten years, Christopher Cartagena has been a US History and Debate educator in Palm Beach


TCS Grade Level Logos (6).png

Charlsie Hanson

Matthew Hutson
Marie Hamilton

Melissa Quinn

Michelle Walsh

Katherine Donahue

Porschia Shelton

Rebecca Patterson

Renee Goodson

Sarah Davis

Shanna Lillis

TCS Grade Level Logos (9).png

Cameron Ellis

Essi Nadal

Katherine Towler

Kelsey Lin

Loren Foster

Todd LaVogue



Abraham Tatis

Dr. Ismaelle Lexande

Luma Burgos

TCS Grade Level Logos (10).png

Cindy Hittner

Debbie LittleJohn

Meagan Marchica

Katherine Wike

Rachel Biehl

Shannon Rielly

TCS Grade Level Logos (11).png

Christine Bonhomme-Guillet

(Administrative Assistant)

Jaime Serrano (Treasurer)

Katherine Wilke (Aftercare Director)

Marilu Burgos (Data Processor)

Nickson Julien (Technology Director)