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At TCS, we have strong beliefs about fostering a love and desire to learn. While keeping our grade level standards in mind, we listen to and observe our students to learn what excites them as learners. Towards this aim, we implement inquiry- and project-based learning (PBL) pedagogy in our classrooms. The fun then begins, as we embark on a path of learning that they chose and is molded into a rich learning experience by the teacher.

These primary years are years of remarkable and rapid changes in a child’s development, both socially and cognitively. The school day at TCS is structured to meet the unique and evolving needs of the young students in developmentally appropriate ways. A young student's brain is ready to start making meaningful connections. These connections will help them clarify false understandings, create new ones, and realize what they want or need to learn.

Overall, our primary grade faculty use small group instruction in all areas. The beauty of the small group instruction is it allows students to work at their individual level.  We assess often and in a variety of ways to understand what we, as teachers, need to do next to grow each learner. In all that we do, we truly get to know each student’s abilities and needs, while allowing and celebrating student choice in learning.



At TCS, we empower our learners through engaging activities that deepen their thinking. In the intermediate grades, we build on the foundational skills acquired and use them to develop higher level thinking. By providing varied activities, students will not only be working at their level, but beyond it. Students build upon their inquiry and PBL foundations in the primary grades and create and develop more comprehensive projects in 3rd through 5th grades.

Our goal is to create thinkers who see the big picture and the interconnectedness in the world. All of the things students study and research have broader, real-world connections. We seek to explore this in deep and authentic ways through the use of technology, arts integration, inquiry-driven research, and music genre studies. We believe this approach to content instruction fosters a lifelong love of reading, writing, analyzing, and communicating our passions as individuals.


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