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PreKindergarten provides the crucial foundation in any child’s learning journey. At TCS, we believe that foundation should be not only strong, but deep. PreK is a time of remarkable and rapid changes in a child’s development, both socially and cognitively. The PreK day here is structured to meet the unique and evolving needs of the three and four year olds in developmentally appropriate ways.

From their very first day, students learn and practice important routines, manage relationships with peers, and practice oral language skills in a warm classroom setting. Instruction is hands-on and we aim to teach students from authentic, real-world perspectives.

The growth seen in the prekindergarten years often feels like a complete metamorphosis. Students emerge with so many new languages at their disposal; they have become readers, writers, thinkers, artists, engineers, and collaborators in a short period of time. They are abuzz with the excitement of all they are suddenly capable of. This is a powerful springboard for deeper learning expeditions in the grades ahead. PreK at TCS is where we first define play, passion, and purpose!

For information about our PreK program, please contact our Data Processor, who handles PreK registration.

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